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Click on the link above to listen to Go For NO! Yes is the destination NO is how you get there.

I had the opportunity to interview Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz the authors of Go For NO! If you are in the network marketing profession reading Go For NO! it is a must. The concept of  Go For NO! is a mindset for success in network marketing.
J=Go For NO
Below are some highlights of the podcast.

  • Get excited about the word NO
  • Why people are afraid to fail
  • Biggest mistake network marketers make
  • How to get off the emotional roller coaster ride of network marketing
  • What happens when you intentionally increase the number of NO’s you get
  • 5 Levels of failure that lead to huge success in network marketing
  • Setting NO goals and counting your NO’s
  • 3 key points to take you MLM business to the next level

Go For NO! Book: Click Here

Twitter: GoForNO

Facebook: GoForNO

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Click on the link above to listen in to an awesome interview with network marketing trainer Todd Falcone talk about how to recruit professionals into your MLM business. Todd is big on going up the socioecomomic chain when recruiting new members.
J=Todd Falcone
Todd is extremely effective on the phone and has some great training tools that teach the insider secrets to recruiting.

Prospecting Tool Of Choice: Telephone

Home Study Course:

Favorite Personal Development Book:

Word Of Advice To Other Network Marketers: Don’t EVER quit.  Focus on skill development…and stay focused on YOUR company.  Keep your head down and exercise patience.

Hobbies: Surfing, skiing, golf, fishing, traveling.  Love the outdoors.

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Learn how 29 year old Annie Sorensen escaped the rat race of an 8 to 5 job and how you can too! Click on the link above to listen in to the interview with Annie. If Annie can make it happen why not you?
J=Annie Sorensen Vemma

  • Name: Annie Sorensen
  • City and State: Kansas City, Missouri
  • MLM Company: Vemma Nutrition
  • Years In Network Marketing: 5 years
  • Time To Create 6 Figure Income: 18 months

Prospecting Tool Of Choice: Webinars

Favorite Personal Development Books & Audio CD’s:

Word Of Advice To Other Network Marketers: Be honest about what you have to offer. There are people out there who ARE looking for what you have – don’t sell, just make sure your contacts know that your company and your products are out there as an option for them. Share with excitement, integrity, and enthusiasm and you will go far.

Hobbies: Read, read, read, exercise, spend time with family and friends, travel, brainstorm business ideas, anything geeky/internet-related, bake, blog, and not take myself too seriously. :)

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J=Mary Fields SOC

Prospecting Tools Of Choice: Telephone – Believe it or not Cold Calling, love to meet new people.

Favorite Personal Development Books & Audio CD’s: Adam Packards’s Staying the Course

Word Of Advice To Other Network Marketers: Treat it like your business is going to pay you for life when first starting out. You are investing time in yourself, just like if you were going to college. Don’t discount what you are worth. And do something productive everyday. Get out of your comfort zone, and never, ever quit. Most of all make it fun!

Hobbies: Painting, Travel,  Sharing time with the family and kids, Being with my husband, Good Movies, Golf, Love to shop

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